What’s Been Happening

Over the past year, the world has changed a lot and the same could be said of TANDO. Some of our members (you all know who you are and a big thanks to you) have been really busy, tidying, re-vamping, upgrading and even bringing in a new club caravan so there's more comfort for our visitors.  Check out the galleries below to see just some of these changes. We hope you like them and they'll enhance your visit.

This is our latest club caravan. For the technically-minded among you, it's an Elddis Firestorm 534. Will sleep up to four people and has an always popular fixed bed to the rear.

For the rest us, let's look at some pictures...

There's also been some renovation of the children's play area. Some of you may remember the kid's 'jungle' that was there.

Play Area (1).JPG
Play Area (2).JPG

The shower area by the Sauna in the Pavillion has also been modernised recently.

The shower block at the top of the site has also been transformed (pictures to follow)

Pavillions Shower.JPG

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